Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12″ Memory Foam Mattress

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Shiloh Mattress

The Sleep Innovations mattress is a firm mattress that sleeps a bit uncomfortably and has some build issues. The redeeming characteristics are that its warranty is an impressive 20 years and that it has very minimal foam smell.

The Sleep Innovations mattress was folded up in the box rather than rolled. We are not quite sure why this is because the box ends up being more voluminous that way. The smell was very minimal and seemed to only linger once the seal was broken. Interestingly enough, it was not a putrid chemical smell like most others and could even be deemed somewhat pleasant. Almost 2 hours later, the mattress reached its full size and the measured dimensions matched the company’s claims.

The mattress was more firm than anticipated, given that it only has 2 foam layers. The top layer of memory foam closely resembles regular latex foam as opposed to true memory foam. This layer is only 2.5″ thick, so when full body weight pressure is applied, the layer sinks in and touches the second layer: the high-density foam. We noticed there were bumps where the mattress was folded that did not completely go away and resulted in discomfort when lying on top of them during the first day of sleeping on the mattress.

Apart from the lumpiness caused by the folding, the mattress is of sound build quality. There are no issues with the stitching and the layers seem to be aligned and properly sized. Sleep Innovations offers two different covers for this mattress, giving the customer a choice between a simple or luxurious design.

Due to being relatively high on the firmness scale, the mattress is more suited for pure back sleepers than for stomach, side, or hybrid sleepers. The lack of plushness equates to an achy and painful stomach and side sleeping experience.

Composition 5.4
Support 5.3
Smell 7.7
Warranty 7.5
Return Policy 6.5
Value 5.5

The Sleep Innovations Siloh Mattress is suited for back sleepers who prefer a firm bed. The mattress had some issues when it was first opened due to the way the item was packed and sealed, which caused some bumps on the middle of the mattress.

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