Quatro Sleep Mattress

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Quatro Sleep Mattress

The Quatro Sleep Mattress is the epitome of a high quality mattress. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a superb quality mattress that will last beyond a decade.

The Quatro Sleep Mattress wows right out of the box. The zippered cover is minimalistic, yet luxurious and plush. We wish more companies made their covers zippered, because we all know that after many years of use those brown sweat stains can be an unpleasant sight. As with all boxed-mattresses, there was a slight smell upon opening the plastic, but it did not seem to linger and cleared away completely within the same day. The Quatro Sleep mattress took a few hours of expansion to reach its full size, which matched up exactly with the claimed dimensions of 80” x 10” x 76”.

Unlike some of the memory foam mattresses with cooling technologies that we tested, Quatro Sleep’s Plex-Air Memory Foam makes for a noticeably cooler sleep experience right out of the box. The shape-forming properties of memory foam tend to be linked with heat retention and sweaty nights, but Quatro Sleep has managed to create a memory foam that disperses cool air evenly and efficiently. When we rolled and shifted on top of the mattress, we were unable to find any bumps or holes—the mattress is consistent and uniform throughout. Also, it was a welcomed sight to see that there was no latex content in the mattress that could potentially cause problems with those that are sensitive. The feel of the mattress occupies the goldilocks zone on the scale from firmness to plushness that is essentially the end goal of every manufacturer. We were unable to come across a single uncomfortable or achy position, despite our best efforts.

Under a keen eye, the cover is without flaws and offers a plush feel that is complimented with a rugged quality. The dimensions are right on the money and the mattress fits into the bed frame like a hand to a glove. No holes or changes in mattress consistency developed after months of nightly use.

We found the Quatro Sleep to be a great all around mattress that is perfect for back sleepers and great for side and stomach sleepers. The firmness is ideal for back sleepers looking for support and rigidity and the plushness hugs and envelops side and stomach sleepers while maintaining neutral spine alignment.

Composition 9.2
Support 9.4
Smell 8.9
Warranty 9.5
Return Policy 9.5
Value 10

The Quatro Sleep Mattress is a phenomenal choice for all types of sleepers, whether it be on your back, side, or stomach. The quality and structure of the 3 foam layers offer exceptional support while leaving no foam-like odors. The Plex-Air Memory Foam layer is an added bonus, since it helps control excessive heat levels when sleeping for prolonged periods of time. The Quatro Sleep Mattress is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality mattress at a reasonable price.

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