LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Lucid 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam Topper

The Lucid 3” Gel Memory Foam is a thing of beauty. This topper is top-notch quality and provides the best comfort out of other toppers we’ve tried.

The Lucid Gel Memory Foam Topper is a 3” ventilated topper that adds softness and pressure-relieving comfort to your mattress. It’s extremely soft, and responsive. It has ventilation holes across the foam to allow excess heat to pass through, which makes it perfect for people who typically sleep hot. The foam is infused with a plush gel-like material that captures heat to control temperature across the bed.

Lucid 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam Topper

The density of the foam is about 3 lbs and takes about 48 hours to fully expand to its full size once opened and unwrapped from the box. There is only a slight odor in the foam, but once ventilated it dissipated almost instantly. Setup was easy – we just opened the box, ripped open the plastic wrap, and let it sit for the full 48-hours before using it.

If you are hesitant about making a purchase and not sure if this is for you – take the plunge. Lucid is covered under Amazon’s return policy, so if you don’t like it, just send it back! But we are sure that you will love this topper, because we absolutely do! I can’t get out of bed in the mornings.

Lucid 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam Topper

Composition 9.2
Support 9.4
Smell 8.7
Warranty 8.6
Return Policy 8.5
Value 9.4

The Lucid Mattress Topper is an exceptional product that offers superior comfort and spinal support. The gel ventilation allows for temperature control and will keep you sound asleep throughout the night. This topper offers exceptional value and pressure-relief that will last for a long time.

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