Live and Sleep Resort Sleep 10 Inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress

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Live and Sleep

The Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is a simple 2-layer foam mattress that offers fair quality for the price.

The cover that comes with the mattress is made of a poly cotton blend material: It is simple and does the job well to protect the mattress. The foam itself took a few short hours for it to reach its full dimensions after its initial unboxing. The smell of the foam was harsh out of the plastic, but did not linger for more than 3 days. The out of box impressions are exactly what we would expect for a mid-tier mattress; it is a solid build that does not offer any luxury niceties.

The mattress did sleep noticeably cooler than a lot of other foam mattresses and the included pillow was a nice addition to an already strong value-mattress. There were no glaring issues that were common in previously reviewed low-tier options. The sleeping experience is consistent across every area of the mattress, even towards the very edges. The firmness occupies that sought-after middle-ground that virtually all foam mattresses are vying for.

The build is best described as minimalistic and sturdy. Any sort of glaring aesthetic design is done away with in order to keep the costs low for the customer. The lack of unique visuals is made up for in comfort and quality. The build quality corresponds to the placement of the mattress amongst its competition, which is smack dab in the middle-tier. We have no reason to doubt that the mattress would hold up after years of standard use.

The mattress offers good all-around performance that caters to no specific position. Being a master of none is not a bad thing in this situation; tossers and turners that sleep in many positions will find that this mattress meets their needs.

Composition 6.8
Support 7
Smell 8.1
Warranty 5.3
Return Policy 8.1
Value 6.6

The Live and Sleep Resort Sleep Mattress is an all-around general foam mattress that is suited for any type of sleep position. This mattress is simple and relatively inexpensive, which makes it a good mattress as a guest bed.

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