LinenSpa 8″ Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

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The LinenSpa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is a cheap choice for those looking for a spare or temporary bed as opposed to an everyday long-term mattress. For the price, it is acceptable in terms of comfort and quality.

The mattress seemed very flimsy and thin with a top memory foam layer of 1.5” and a spring layer that comes in at 6.5” thick. The length measurement was off by 1 inch which is just barely acceptable because even though it does fit into our king frame, any more space would result in a shifty mattress that would not stay put. The overall initial presentation is not one of quality and would be more appropriate for a pull out or cot style of bed. Once again, we cannot say we were surprised due to the low price point of this king. The smell was moderate but aired-out in a timely manner.

With any amount of weight, the top foam layer seems to become fully compressed leaving the user at the full mercy of the springs. This results in a very wobbly and uncontrollable type of sensation when moving on the mattress because any plushness is nullified by the thin layer memory foam. Rather than a true “hybrid” style mattress, the experience was similar to what would be expected from sleeping on springs with only a thin pad in between.

The stitching out of the box was unravelling in certain areas, particularly where it was ending and being closed off. For what it is, the build quality holds up adequately. The coils inside the mattress are surprisingly quiet: we did not notice any noises when sleeping on this mattress.

Every position tested out had a harsh feel that lacked any significant firmness and support. Back sleeping was the least uncomfortable out of the three positions, however it still was far from being deemed comfortable.

Composition 5.7
Support 6.7
Smell 4.6
Warranty 6.4
Return Policy 7.9
Value 6.2

The LinenSpa 8" Hybrid Mattress is a inexpensive mattress that offers decent quality for the price. We recommend using this mattress as a guest bed as opposed to an everyday mattress, since it is best suited for a temporary rest.

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